Who or what is in4m8n.com?

Good question.

First of all, it’s me: Bob Ulius. Ex-musician, ex-recording studio supplier / consultant, ex-Google Answers Researcher (I was clouseau-ga and signed as -=clouseau=-), advanced photographer, marketing guy in music, audio, medical devices and software and a Windows guru who has never had to resort to reloading an operating system to cure a problem. I’ve been a Beta tester for a number of high tech devices and software including Harmony Remote controls long before Logitech acquired them and a large online banking system before it went live to the general public.

Although in4m8n.com started as an independent research site with a few colleagues, it is rare I do research projects now-a-days. But not unheard of if it catches my interest. Use the contact page if you have a project.

Music has always been and continues to be a huge part of my life. I go to a number of shows yearly in all parts of the country. And that love has also morphed into a love of digital photography and I find that one of the most challenging is live concerts. Check the Images by…. pages for some examples. If you’d like your performance shot, use the contact page and provide me with a press pass if needed and I’ll let you know if I’m available. And I still have a great ear and a knack for room turning (as much art as science), so feel free to chat home theater as well.

Whatever it takes…