My passion has always been audio. For years, I designed and sold pro audio systems. Home theater has had me enthralled since 5.1 and I have participated as a beta tester for a number of products including Harmony Remote Controls, now owned by Logitech that are uniquely “activity centric”.

On these pages I will assemble a number of useful links to sites I trust for honest reviews, informed advice and quality products for home audio, home theater, sound reinforcement and home and pro recording applications.  It will be a “work in progress” as I corner spare time to add to the pages, so check back often for new links and do report broken links so I can keep the information fresh.

Click the names to visit the sites listed below.

Acoustic Treatments

Audio Manufacturers

Home Theater Forums

AVS Forums Looking to chat with or question highly technical experts in the home theater field? Want to know how to choose between plasma and LCD? I know of no more informed group than those that hang out at the AVS Forums. May take a bit of searching and quite a bit of reading to get up to speed, but well worth the effort.

Audio Asylum If they aren’t talking about it here, it may not exist. This is a collection of chats on everything audio-video you might imagine. Plus resources, link lists and classifieds.

Home Theater Manufacturers

Sometimes avoiding the middleman is a wonderful thing. Several GREAT manufacturers sell direct over the internet including:

Outlaw Audio Primarily amps, multi-channel amps and processors, Outlaw has also added speakers and subs with very high quality and very low prices. Their processors outperform units at twice the price – maybe more. They also have the Outlaw Hideout, a user forum where there is a wealth of good information user to user.

SVS Audio Formerly SVS subwoofers, these guys make amazing performance subs at prices far below the normal brands and normal distribution channels. As they grow, they have added mains and surrounds as well. Set aside some time and visit their site, read the reviews and compare pricing and performance with almost anyone else.

Generally Great Sources of Information

Anamorphic DVD Want to know about letterboxing and a good, yet simple explanation of DVD formats? This may be what you need.

Music and Pro Audio Manufacturers