Expert research – whatever it takes…

If you find yourself stretched thin and could benefit from the assistance of an experienced researcher, have a software or hardware problem to solve, or wish to source an elusive product or supplier, email or fill out the brief form on our contact page for a prompt reply.

Why would I need someone to research for me?

There are many reasons including:

  • Experienced researchers can often locate information that is not obvious or available through standard search engines. Search engine indexes are often out of date and may index only a few pages into a site. Your answers may be brand new, or buried dozens of pages deep. We locate this hard to find data, and often more quickly than you or a fellow co-worker might be able to satisfy your need.
  • Expanded information is often only available through subscription services or private information sources.
  • You might be too busy to locate your own information or your project requires a little extra help to locate exactly what you desire. Perhaps you could benefit from another point of view to analyze the data.
  • We provide highly targeted and personalized services tailored to just your needs and strive to exceed your expectations.

What can I expect as a deliverable?

This will often depend on the type of information you require, but in general expect a carefully researched and analyzed answer to your questions including sources, quotes and citations. Our reports can be formatted in email, Word or as an Adobe PDF file. Custom formats and media are available.

What types of research can do for me?

It’s almost easier to tell you what we don’t do. While many companies specialize in a particular industry or type of research question, has answered questions and researched a wide variety of subjects. We’ve located discontinued products, service manuals for near extinct electronics, analyzed Websites and helped with Search Engine Optimization. We have solved numerous computer problems and located offshore manufacturers and vendors for both parts and complete product projects. We love the hunt.

Although we have worked on legal and medical topics, is not intended to take the place of qualified professional advice from your physician, accountant, lawyer or other specialist. But we can often provide another side to a question that will enhance the information your professional will provide.

Most of all, we have a network of researchers with a wide variety of expertise on call and if we can’t provide you with a quality answer, we will not undertake your project and will refer you to another source when appropriate. And your research is never complete until you are satisfied we have located the answer you require.

Just a few of the services we can provide:

    • Website analysis
    • Product and repair parts location
    • Computer problem resolution
    • Analyze and recommend software solutions
    • Market research
    • Locating copyright holders
    • Almost any topic you might imagine – see our page of testimonials for examples of questions answered and problems solved

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