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OK, I’m not a detective but I did play one on the internet!

Since almost the beginning of Google Answers, I have been active in answering a wide and divergent collection of customer questions and have consistently received high ratings. You could find me there as “clouseau-ga”.

In October of 2002, I was awarded “Researcher of the Week” status by the Google Answers Editors:


Congratulations to Clouseau!

Clouseau has been an active member of the Researcher team since late June, and in that time he has posted 84 answers and 56 comments. He maintains over a 4-star average, which is a reflection of his quality of work and commitment to customer service. While most of his answers relate to computer and technology questions, Clouseau also ventures into non-scientific categories such as family, home, and education. The breadth of his reach as a Researcher and the consistent quality of his answers in all areas sets an excellent example for other members in the community.

In the words of one of his satisfied customers, “A thousand thanks to the legendary Inspector Clouseau.”

For a look at some of Clouseau’s 5-star answers, please see:


“Email to BellSouth Rep. Ioc Spam Problem”

“Tips for Crossfades in Digital Audio Editing?”


“Thanks for the complete answer!  I had tried to find information on this subject on the Internet and just was not coming up with anything useful.  You have saved me several hours of time and I really appreciate it!”

Since then, I answered over 400 questions at Google Answers and expanded the areas of information I researched.

The following will give you a small sampling of my research and actual customer comments:

  • Search for Houdon Plaster Busts of George Washington
    “This was a most impressive response – I appreciate your very fast response and apologize for taking so long to acknowledge – although I already had some of your references I would probably not have found others, especially the one from Jusserand. Thank you very much – good job!!!”
  • AVI Error Message
    “Very helpful answer. It might take me a while to get it figured out, but I’m sure that you have given what I need. This is a wonderful service and I think that almost every answer posted that I have read is worth far more than what is offered in the way of payment. Thank you clouseau!”

The list goes on and as you can see, the subject matter can be on almost any subject. The project list from my private clients covers almost as broad a spectrum of information as my work on Google Answers and contains more in depth research.  It can be delivered in formats not available at Google Answers including hard copy, CD-ROM, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe .pdf, images, executables and more.

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