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As you may know, Google Answers stopped accepting questions November 30, 2006 and decided to close shop at the end of 2006. In the four years I was involved with GA, I was privileged to work beside a very talented crew of researchers. Many of them have continued on, as I have, and accept private clients. Some have unique areas of specialization and expertise. Do visit their sites to see who may best meet your individual research needs:

Aceresearcher Aceresearcher provides specialized Internet Research, both simple and complex, for private clients and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, with a Minor in French language, history and culture.

Archaeolink  run by ex Google Answers Researcher digsalot-ga, is designed to provide students and others interested in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and ancient civilizations a one stop resource for homework help or other projects.  While that is still the main theme of the site, it is now expanding into other realms and disciplines ranging from gardening to astronomy and much more. You will find numerous resources (currently over thirty thousand and climbing ) divided by topic.
Bobbie7 was a researcher at Google Answers from June 2002 until the service ended in December 2006 and answered over 3,550 questions! You can see her ratings and review samples of her work “here“.
Easterangel, based in the Phillipines, handles a wide variety of research topics and notes: “My research as regards to “Ambient Marketing” has been used as an official academic resource at the University of Leeds.” 
Journalist-ga introduces her services by saying: “In conjunction with our manuscript editing and author services, OgleMoore offers a variety of public relations talents including marketing, advertising development campaigns, copywriting, copyediting, custom writing, proofreading, book publicity, manuscript review, speechwriting and ghostwriting.
Missy-ga is committed to finding your information for you, and presenting it in a clear, organized manner. She makes complete use of all resources at her disposal: web, print media, databases, telephone and, where available, consultations with experts
Pafalafa-ga has recently launched XooxleAnswers and wants to be your source for very affordable, very professional, custom-tailored research, for business, academic or personal needs. 

As a Google Answers Researcher, politicalguru conducted business research, gave marketing and SEO consulting, explained legal and medical issues in “everyday” language,  and performed translations from German and Hebrew. 

Rainbow-ga notes: “I have worked on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from find that movie/book/song to compilinglists of companies operating in Poland that are at least 51% owned by foreign investors.An American based in the Middle East, I have a full command of both English and Arabic, and modest knowledge of French.”

Zebria, run by crabcakes-ga, is dedicated to providing you with quick and reliable information on every aspect of medical and health information and research.

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